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Whether you are looking for new ideas or want to refresh your knowledge, this site provides guidance and information about opportunities to develop and enhance your digital practice. ‘Digital practice’ refers to how we use digital technologies for education, research and work - an area of great importance in a constantly evolving digital world.

Browse the teaching and learning guides, explore current development and training opportunities from Organisational Development & Professional Learning (OD&PL) and find practical support for using specific tools and systems.

If you are looking to develop your digital practice for work, research or education, but are not sure where to start, the Digital Literacy Framework can support you to develop your digital skills by establishing objectives and managing your digital literacy plan.

Digital Practice Teaching Guides

Use these guides which look at the learning journey, content delivery, assessment and feedback and student support.

Development and Support

Find out more about development and support available from OD&PL and the Digital Education Enhancement Teams.

Digital Capabilities Framework

Find ideas to inform what digital activities you want to do to enhance your digital skills.

Tools and Systems

Explore the tools and systems used in digital education at the University of Leeds and find further help and support in using them for teaching and learning.