Teaching and Learning Online

Guidance to support you with the move to online and hybrid delivery.

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teaching and learning remotely

Digital Practice Leeds

Supporting the digital development of people and spaces to enhance learning and working in the university

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Digital Literacy

The Digital Literacy Framework has been created to support you in developing your digital practice.

Being Digital
Digital Literacy Framework

Teaching and Learning Online

This site is your route into the guidance and support that has been created to support you with the transition to online and hybrid delivery.

There are many ways that the University can support you as you adapt or deliver online teaching. See the quick guide to online support for staff  (the guide is also  available as a PDF ) to find the right support for your needs, or explore the links below.  

See the latest information on how to transition to a hybrid delivery of student education.
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Find out about the University plans to grow its portfolio of fully online education opportunities.
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Find out about how to deliver engaging and inclusive virtual classes using technology supported by the University.
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Find out more about the resources and free online courses available to support your students' learning.
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Developing Digital Practice

Whether you are looking for new ideas or want to refresh your knowledge, you will find a range of support here to develop your digital practice. Start by planning your objectives using the Digital Literacy Framework, which offers ideas and case studies for inspiration and guides you to tools and resources suited to what you want to do. We also provide face-to-face training and support services to help you develop your skills and knowledge to use digital technologies in teaching, research, and everyday work. If you are looking for something specific, or just want to browse what is available at the university, visit the Tools and Resources section.

Creating a fully online degree

The University of Leeds is proud to offer an online MSc in Engineering Management. This course is one of the University’s flagship fully online masters’ courses and has proven very successful with students on the programme.
Initially creating the content seemed daunting to academics but with guidance and advice from staff at the Digital Education Service (DES), the process and output exceeded their expectations.
This short film outlines the steps undertaken by DES and one of the academics involved.