Communication refers to the ability to engage in online dialogue and debate using a variety of tools in a constructive and professional manner.

Digital Literacy Framework, 2019

What do you want to do?

Are you looking to:

    • Host online meetings, webinars, or other communication channels
    • Participate in or contribute to online communities
    • Include video and/or audio in your communications

Find below:

    1. How you are encouraged to develop your communication skills
    2. The tools and resources you can use to develop your digital practice, including the activities above
    3. Case studies to inspire new ideas or provide guidance for developing your practice

Developing Communication

To develop communication in a digital environment, you are encouraged to:

  • Enhance your skills by understanding the appropriate etiquette for digital communication and how to be inclusive in a digital environment, leading to the selection of appropriate communication tools for a given context, environment or audience
  • Extend your practice by making constructive contributions to online discussions and critically appraising the contribution of others in online interactions, showing an awareness of the needs of others and taking account of varying levels of digital competence and experience 
  • Become empowered by demonstrating an influencing role in online activities and guide others in good practice for sharing information online 

Communication: making use of online communication tools and channels

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Tools and Resources to support development

A number of digital resources and face-to-face-training are provided by the university to support the development of communication skills within a digital environment.

Collaborate Ultra is the main tool which you can use to host online meetings and webinars. You can find more information about it and other communication tools such as Personal (Desktop) Capture on the Learning Technologies page. Office 365 also offers communication apps like Yammer and Teams where you can host online discussions that are text, audio, or video based. To learn more about appropriate etiquette for communicating online, visit the Social Media page.

You can also visit the Training Programmes page to book onto relevant training workshops.

Case studies

Explore relevant case studies below, or browse our collections on the Casebook@Leeds website or the Digital Practice Case Studies Stream channel.

Using Collaborate Ultra to deliver webinars and online 1-1 consultations
Virtual Writing Retreats: Collaborate Ultra
Connecting international students with alumni and employers via webinars
Supporting distance learners