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Introduction to PebblePad

About PebblePad

PebblePad offers a user-led, reflective environment that supports individual learning and development by focusing on individual progress.  

PebblePad can capture achievements and help to structure reflection on decisions and options, offering support to both staff and students across a range of experiences. All content in PebblePad is private unless users choose to share it.  

PebblePad functionality

PebblePad comes with two core components: Pebble+ and ATLAS: 

  • Pebble+ is the personal learning space for  users, and this is where people arrive when they log in. This  is also the area used to create records of learning, experience and achievement. 
  • ATLAS is the institutional assessment space that is split into workspaces into which work can be added for assessment, marking, and feedback.  

There are different ways of setting out work in PebblePad, but most users will start with either workbooks or portfolios. 

Workbooks in PebblePad

A workbook is a multi-page booklet that can be designed to deliver content and interactive material to users for learning and revision, or for assessment. A workbook typically contains multiple template pages, but it can also incorporate other advanced options, such as blogs. Workbooks can be shared directly with users and can be made available to groups of users, such as a cohort of students enrolled on a teaching module. PebblePad is also used to support academic personal tutoring at Leeds by providing all taught students with a customised LeedsforLife Workbook.   

Portfolios in PebblePad

Portfolios are multi-paged, multi-layered documents that allow users to profile different facets of a topic. They act a little like ring-binders, allowing multiple pages to be added, edited, or removed at any time. Various media can be added as pages in a portfolio, making it a very flexible way to collate information and evidence.  

An exemplar portfolio has been created to demonstrate the potential of PebblePad to showcase your personal, learning and work journeys and experiences.   

LinkedIn Learning Pathway: Introduction to PebblePad

If you are interested in learning a little more about what PebblePad can do, have a look at this new LinkedIn Learning Pathway. Aimed at all staff at the University of Leeds, academic and professional, who are interested in using PebblePad, this first Learning Pathway covers the following topics: an introduction to the PebblePad dashboard; a basic understanding of assets and resources, an introduction to a workbook and a portfolio and an introduction to the ATLAS dashboard.

Next steps for exploring PebblePad

To help you get started, explore our PebblePad pages further to see the different ways it can be used in your teaching and development.