PebblePad Workshops and Events

On this page, you can find upcoming PebblePad workshops and events at the University of Leeds, as well as recordings of previous events. OD&PL also run on-demand interactive training sessions which can be found on the University Course Catalogue.

Workshop Series: Pedagogical Power of PebblePad:

In this series of workshops, colleagues from across the University will share the innovative and interesting ways they have used PebblePad. Further dates in this series will be added soon. You can also join our PebblePad Community on MS Teams to be notified when new dates are added.

Upcoming workshops:

One way to use PebblePad: for off-site assessment in the School of Medicine – Thursday 16 March 2023, 11-11.30am.

Join the next workshop in the ‘Pedagogical Power of PebblePad’ series,  looking at how PebblePad is being used across the five-year MBChB programme in the School of Medicine to provide a consistent approach to on and off-site recording of assessment and evidence of achievement and performance by students. The presenters will be Jenn Hallam and Laura Smith from the School of Medicine.

Previous workshop recordings:

PebblePad Showcases 2023

We will be running a series of Faculty and School based PebblePad showcases throughout the 2022/23 academic year. The aim of these showcases is to share good practice around how PebblePad is being used across different curriculum areas and disciplines and to inspire you to consider how you can use it in your teaching and learning with your students and colleagues. More information about upcoming showcases will be provided on this page as well as local advertising in your school or faculty.

FAHC Portfolio-based learning Showcase (open to all faculty staff members)

Portfolio-based learning, in which students collect and curate their work overtime, often using media-rich formats, has an obvious rapport with the teaching and learning of our disciplines in Faculty of AHC. At Leeds we have an educational tool, PebblePad, that supports a wealth of portfolio-based teaching and learning approaches while also allowing for dialogic feedback, including feedback from people external to university, for collecting and presenting work across modules or a whole programme, including presenting work to external audiences, and for assessment that integrates with Gradebook in Minerva. Our use of digitally enhanced portfolio-based learning via PebblePad is growing in AHC, and the impactful results merit further attention. This Showcase is therefore designed to explore how several colleagues have been using it and to provide built-in support for those inspired to try similar approaches in their own teaching.


  • 45-minute showcase (30-minute presentation plus 15 minutes Q&A). Each showcase is on the last Wednesday of the month, hosted by Joy Robbins.
  • 1 week after each showcase: 45-minute drop-in skills surgery led by Patricia Quinn to show the ‘how to’ of the showcased approaches, provide targeted training, answer questions.


  1. Using PebblePad Blogs for Reflection – Wednesday 25 January, 12.15 – 1pm (drop-in surgery Wednesday 1 February 2023, 12.15 – 1pm)
  2. Using PebblePad Templates for Structured Creativity – Wednesday 8 March, 12.15 – 1pm (drop-in surgery Wednesday 15 March 2023, 3-3.45pm)
  3. Using PebblePad Portfolios for Creative Learning – Wednesday 29 March 12.15 – 1pm (drop-in surgery Wednesday 5 April 2023 12.15 – 1pm)
  4. Using PebblePad Workbooks for Scaffolded Teaching and Learning – Wednesday 26 April 12.15 – 1pm (drop-in surgery Wednesday 3 May 2023, 12.15 – 1 pm)

Bookings: Booking links will be shared by FAHC locally.

School of Healthcare showcase (open to all staff members in the School of Healthcare)

Showcase dates will be made available shortly for March and April 2023.

Introduction to PebblePad led by Sarah Copeland, Lecturer in Digital Education and co-S-DEAL, School of Healthcare

These sessions will provide examples, introduce the use of PebblePad in Healthcare and demonstrate the learning journey for students. It will also set out some examples of good practice at Leeds and what support and training is available for staff using PebblePad in their teaching and learning with students in the School of Healthcare.

PebblePad is already used for placement assessment in Nursing and Midwifery, but there are many other contexts for this type of digital pedagogy. Follow-on sessions will share good practice in Medicine and Healthcare settings with colleagues from across the faculty and university who have successfully embedded PebblePad into their teaching and assessment.

Other event recordings:

In addition to the above sessions, you may also be interested to watch recordings of recent University of Leeds events about PebblePad:

  • SEC conference – Dr Ruth Payne presented at the SEC conference on 7 January 2022 about the pedagogical power of PebblePad. Watch the recording of the SNAP session. (Ruth is the last of the presenters in the recording and can be accessed at 45.41 minutes into the recording). 
  • SAAW (Share, Adopt, Adapt Workshop) – Alice Potter, Dr Helen Iball and Dr Joslin McKinney discuss the practical ways in which PebblePad can be used to aid and improve pedagogical practices. Watch the SAAW Workshop recording from 18 January 2022
  • Pedagogic Research in the Arts (PRiA) Workshop – Watch the PRiA workshop from 9 February 2022 to see how PebblePad has been used across the Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Culture as a creative and useful tool to develop student learning and reflection.