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Content on to these pages aims to support you to transition your teaching material to a hybrid delivery of student education. This approach will ensure that all UG and PGT students will receive the University's commitment to a:  

Student-centred active learning approach to deliver high-quality research-based education in a hybrid mode, as part of a supportive, enriching and community-focused experience.  

This approach to student education can be described as:  

  • Student-centred: Supportive, inclusive, flexible, accessible and community building curricula.  
  • Active learning: Cognitively involved students, who are engaged with diverse content and media, and have opportunities to collaborate & participate.  

The SCALA booklet is available to download for you to read recommendations for each strand of the approach. 

The links below provide tangible recommendations to ensure all students are clear of their learning journey throughout the course; that content is delivered through engaging and diverse media; assessment and feedback mechanisms remain agile, flexible and inclusive; and appropriate mechanisms are in place for student support. 

We will continue to provide, update and produce a range of guidance resources to support you in transitioning your modules and programmes to hybrid delivery. This package of support will provide you with several opportunities to engage with, utilise and become informed on appropriate and relevant pedagogical approaches that are aligned to student-centred active learning. 

Module Delivery Template

A module delivery template is available to utilise as you transition to hybrid education. This template is designed to facilitate the module’s development and provide a framework for you and your module and programme teams to use in delivering your content in a student-centred active learning approach.  

Information from this completed template can be used to directly populate the Information Area of the module’s Minerva page and provide students with a detailed summary of how the module is going to be delivered. Programme Leaders may wish to utilise this tool to obtain a holistic and detailed view of their programme’s delivery ensuring gaps and areas of overlap are identified. 

Download the Module Delivery Template.

Self-paced Minerva course

The Adapt Your Teaching for Online Delivery course on Minerva is an exciting opportunity for staff to explore new ways of designing and delivering learning materials for hybrid delivery and connecting with students 

Access the course in Minerva 

ABC Method

OD&PL have developed an online tool to support you in effectively redesigning your module for hybrid student-centred active learning as part of a team-based approach.  

Access the ABC Method planning tool in Sway 

Practitioner interviews

In this series of interview James Pickering interviews practitioners from across the University to understand their perspectives and experiences in implementing and working with SCALA.