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Learning Journey

This page contains detailed recommendations to help you provide students with a clear understanding of their Learning Journey from the onset to the completion of their module, and how it fits within the broader programme. By integrating some or all of these recommendations, students will have a clear understanding of the next steps in their learning and how they can effectively engage with the module.

The SCALA Learning Journey guidance is also available to download.

What How
Provide students with clarity on what is going to be delivered and when by developing a clear learning path
  • Timetable beginning and close of week ‘live’ BB collaborate/Teams session outlining activities
  • Recorded talking heads for asynchronous delivery (Desktop Capture)
  • Use Minerva Announcements to contact students
  • Update and provide details in Module handbook
  • Create a Welcome menu function on Minerva
  • Develop Infographics / High-level mapping resources
  • Link and flag to the necessary central services such as IT support and Skills@Library
  • Share consistent messaging that aligned to School support processes
Link learning objectives to delivery methods and specific teaching sessions
Provide clear roles and responsibilities of staff
Provide information on summative and formative assessment
Set expectations on engagement and partnership
Emphasise the differing approaches to online learning compared to traditional campus based approaches, to support self-regulated learning and independent learning skills
Clearly define the technology requirements that students will need to fully engage with the module
Explain that certain teaching sessions will be recorded for asynchronous study, consolidation and revision