Online Courses

The University has partnerships with several online learning platforms. Through these, you can access free online courses covering a range of subject and skill areas. You can direct your students to access these courses as additional learning resources to support their studies. 

LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn Learning is an online learning platform which you can access anytime, anywhere.
It provides over 15,000 self-paced learning courses covering a diverse range of topics. These include: 

  • IT (such as programming) 
  • Software (such as Office 365, MS Teams) 
  • Project management 
  • Data analysis and statistics 
  • Professional skills 
  • Managing your time and working with others 
  • Creativity (such as drawing, painting, music). 

These are freely accessible to all staff and students using your University of Leeds login. Courses are led by experts and are on average one hour long, broken down into bite-sized video modules. 

How do I access it? 

On a desktop, navigate to 

When using the LinkedIn Learning app for iOS/Android, select “Sign in with your organization portal” and enter 

Recommended courses:  

FutureLearn Campus

FutureLearn is an online platform offering short courses on a range of topics. The University of Leeds offers courses through the platform on a range of subjects. These include: 

  • Environment 
  • Chemistry 
  • Business 
  • Medicine 

Students at the University of Leeds now have free upgraded access to our courses via FutureLearn Campus. Upgraded access includes: 

  • access to end-of-course tests 
  • digital certificates of achievement when they complete a course 
  • access to courses for as long as they exist on FutureLearn. 

How do I access it? 

You can find the full list of courses and access instructions on Minerva.  Please note you may be asked to log into your University of Leeds account when you follow the link. 

If you have any questions about accessing FutureLearn courses, email 

What courses are available?  

If you would like to review the courses that are available and whether they might support your teaching, take a look at this spreadsheet for a complete list.  

For each course it contains: 

  • a summary 
  • the learning outcomes 
  • the topics covered. 

To assist your search, each has also been mapped against Leeds UG and PG programmes for which the content might be useful. Please note that the links to the courses in this spreadsheet will take you to the public course signup pages. To access the courses via FutureLearn Campus, please use the links provided in Minerva.   

In the final column, you can also access the videos that were created for some of the courses should you wish to link to them as part of your online teaching. 

University of Leeds on Coursera

Coursera is an online learning platform offering more than two thousand online courses created in partnership with world-leading education institutions and organisations.  

University of Leeds on Coursera gives students and staff free access to all Coursera courses created by participating institutions. This includes 3,800 courses and 400 Specializations (collections of courses).   

Courses are usually 4-6 weeks long but can be studied at the student’s own pace. When students complete a course and pass the assessments they will earn a Coursera certificate which can be shared on LinkedIn or their CV.  

We hope that you will investigate the courses available and make appropriate course recommendations to your students. Please do think about using Minerva to facilitate discussion amongst your cohort.  

How do I access it?  

How long will we have access to University of Leeds on Coursera?  

Coursera and their partners, including the University of Leeds, are coming together to provide free access to Coursera to help minimize the impact of the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak on students around the world. Students and staff will be able to enrol on courses for free until July 31st 2020, and will have free access to any courses that they have enrolled on by the end of July until September 30th 2020.   

How is University of Leeds on Coursera different to the main Coursera site (  

University of Leeds on Coursera gives students and staff full access to Coursera courses for free. If you access these courses through the main Coursera website you would have to pay for full access. The course experience is the same if you sign up for a course through University of Leeds on Coursera or the main Coursera website.   

Help and support  

If you have any difficulty logging into University of Leeds on Coursera, please access the digital education helpdesk for support.