Feedback Studio

Feedback Studio is one of the University’s tools for marking and grading student’s work. It is integrated with Turnitin and enables you to mark and annotate assignments and open book exams, leave typed or audio feedback and grade work according to a rubric.  

Accessibility and inclusivity

The assessing work and giving feedback page of the Inclusive teaching section of the University website provides general advice on how you can be more inclusive in assessing student work and giving feedback.

Leeds Expectations for Assessment and Feedback

The ‘Leeds Expectations’ sets out the vision and expectations for Assessment and Feedback at the University of Leeds (LEAF). See the Student Education Service website for full details.

Video tutorials

For detailed guidance on how to use Feedback Studio, the screencasts listed below provide step-by-step instructions:

The Turnitin assignment inbox

Learn how to find student submissions, how to change the post date (to return feedback/grades) and how to bulk download submissions:

Feedback Studio Tour

The Feedback Studio provides options for online marking and access to the similarity report. Find out about the different features in Turnitin’s Feedback Studio and where to access them:

Turnitin Similarity Reports

Find out how to access Turnitin similarity reports and change settings:

Please note: If you are using Feedback Studio to grade assignments and open book exams, note that Turnitin has a session timeout of 60 minutes. This means after 60 minutes of inactivity (keystrokes and mouse clicks) within the Turnitin window, any marks, annotations or comments may be lost. To avoid this happening, please save your work regularly.

Further guidance

The Minerva support site contains a lot of useful information on how to make the most of Feedback Studio.

Getting Started (Turnitin) includes How does it work?, Types of files, What does my role allow me to do?, How do students submit?, Where can I find Turnitin submissions? and Main Features.

Turnitin – Set-Up includes Getting Prepared, Best Practice, Add a Turnitin Assignment area, How to modify a Turnitin Assignment area, How to delete a Turnitin Assignment area and Anonymous marking

Feedback Studio includes Marking overview, Marking methods, Managing quickmarks and rubrics, Final grade and general comments, Moderation and late penalties, Returning marks and What do students see?

Marking using the App includes Setting up the app and Marking with the app

Using Turnitin to support Plagiarism Detection includes Supporting students, Using Turnitin, Investigating plagiarism and FAQs

Administration includes Where is the Turnitin Assignment inbox?, Roster synchronisation, Emailing non-submitters, Downloading papers and Deleting submissions.

Turnitin Case Studies

Academic colleagues discuss the benefits of using Feedback Studio to provide effective and streamlined feedback on student assessments. Hear their insights on using QuickMark sets, developing rubrics, providing student support, interpreting the Similarity Index and first/second marking.

Turnitin Case Study videos (available to watch on Microsoft Stream)

Watch the videos on Microsoft Stream or listen to the podcasts below, which are also available on SoundCloud: