Padlet is the University of Leeds institutional collaborative learning tool. Padlets can be shared easily for others to contribute to or to refer to. Similar to a digital notice board, topics, comments, images, links, videos and documents can all be added to a Padlet. Staff and students can access it through a browser or app – it can also be embedded into Microsoft Teams and staff who have instructor status in Minerva can embed Padlet’s into their modules/organisations.

Examples of uses of Padlets within learning and teaching include:

  • Discussion board – the creator will ask a question for contributors to respond.
  • Sharing ideas, resources and suggestions – these can be multimedia submissions.
  • Peer review of student’s work.
  • Group exercises in or out of lectures.
  • Curating resources.

The institutional licence allows all users to benefit from the “paid for” features; added security, integration with Office 365, more privacy settings, unlimited use and bigger file uploads.

Getting Started

There are a number of Padlet how-to guides on the website for staff and students; you should start with Create a Padlet account.

You don’t need to create an account to contribute or view an existing Padlet but will need an account to create your own.

Please ensure you always use the institutional URL to login to Padlet:  If you navigate to you will not be re-directed to the university domain and will not benefit from the features available within the university domain.