You can create open book essay style exams using the Turnitin Assignment tool in Minerva. This is a similar process to setting up a piece of coursework. Just as you would for a student assignment, you can set a deadline for submission. You use your Minerva module to make the exam questions available to students and they then have the set period in which to complete the exam. 

This guide explains how to set up an open book assessment with Turnitin

Video tutorials 

For detailed guidance on how to set up essay style exams in Minerva, the screencasts listed below provide step-by-step instructions: 

  1. Create a folder to store the exam 
  2. Create a section for the exam information 
  3. Create a section for the exam questions 
  4. Create the Turnitin inbox for the exam 

Online Marking

Turnitin offers online marking functionality via the Feedback Studio. See the Feedback Studio page for tutorials and guidance.

Turnitin Case Studies

Academic colleagues discuss the benefits of using Feedback Studio to provide effective and streamlined feedback on student assessments. Hear their insights on using QuickMark sets, developing rubrics, providing student support, interpreting the Similarity Index and first/second marking. Watch the videos on Microsoft Stream or listen to the podcasts on SoundCloud. There are three case studies available from:

  • Dr Martin Ward, School of Languages, Societies and Cultures
  • Dr Sam Farley, Leeds University Business School
  • Dr Stephen Kengyelics, School of Medicine

Minerva Support 

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