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Explore development opportunities for staff and postgraduate researchers

Training and Development


The University is providing a series of online, face-to-face and ‘hybrid’ development opportunities for staff and postgraduate researchers, including the range of guidance provided on this site

Teaching and learning development

Our new programme of workshops, resources and support is available to help you in transitioning to teaching and learning online. This now includes our programmes supporting staff new to teaching and for staff applying for professional recognition. 

Foundations in Teaching - now online

Foundations in Teaching (FiT) is designed to equip anyone new to teaching or new to teaching at the UoL with the necessary information to help them get started in teaching.   FiT is an online self -paced online course that you can start at anytime and there is no time limit to complete it but as a guide the estimate on the time you may spend on reading core content is (3 hours) and on optional activities and exploring related links (2-4 hours). 

Following FiT participants will be further supported by being invited to optional focussed synchronous sessions to support teaching development in specific areas. These sessions will be either face to face (when we are back on campus) or through online webinars.

Please book to participate in the online course via the training catalogue. Once signed up we will enrol participants onto the course in Minerva (please note this process may take 1-2 weeks so do factor this into your planning).

The PGCAP programme - now online

The PGCAP comprises three 20 M level credit modules to be studied part-time over 18 months.

The PGCAP will be running fully online for the intake in February and September 2021. As well as the continued goals of the programme, our aim in providing the course in this mode will further support colleagues in their transition to delivering teaching online and to be well placed to deliver in a variety of modes. By modeling good practice, allowing participants to experience approaches from a student’s perspective, providing space and time for reflection on our changed environment and offering opportunities to gain further skills, we hope to help colleagues grow in confidence across this developing digital education landscape.

Redesigning Modules for Hybrid Learning

This resource is aimed at staff who can help facilitate module teams to redesign modules for hybrid learning using the ABC method. The ABC method provides a useful framework by which module teams can breakdown and scaffold both online and face-to-face learning to provide a balance across the whole process of learning for students. Therefore assisting modules to work towards aligning their learning and teaching to the underpinnings of the SCALA framework.

Redesign modules with the ABC method (opens a Sway presentation)

Design and deliver engaging sessions in the virtual classroom

The University provides three tools for delivering sessions in the virtual classroom: Blackboard Collaborate Ultra, Microsoft Class Teams and Zoom. Blackboard Collaborate Ultra is an excellent tool for virtual classrooms. You can add files, share applications, use a virtual whiteboard, and communicate with your students using audio and video, as well as text chat. This resource will help you to familiarise yourself with the basic and advanced functions of Collaborate Ultra specifically for synchronous teaching sessions. It also provides tips and guidance on how to design activities that use Collaborate Ultra to promote interaction and student engagement. 

You may also want to familiarise yourself with Microsoft Class Teams and Zoom for online teaching. These platforms also allow you to communicate with your students using audio, video and text chat, share files, use a virtual whiteboard, and conduct group work. This resource will guide you through the basic and advanced functions of the three virtual classroom tools that the University offers. It also provides tips and guidance on how to design and deliver activities in the virtual classroom to promote student engagement.

Creating effective and engaging videos

Videos can help you with your teaching and make blended learning easier to deliver. For example, you can film yourself demonstrating experiments or maths calculations, have a discussion with experts or show students how to use software. This resource will help you create an effective video without needing any previous video or technical experience. It provides simple tips which can support you to feel confident in producing straightforward videos to use in your teaching.

Adapt your Teaching for Online Delivery Course

For those new to teaching online, it can be a challenge to know where to begin and how to get the most out of the technology available. The Adapt Your Teaching for Online Delivery course shows you new ways of designing and delivering your learning materials and connecting with your students. 

See more information on Adapt Your Teaching for Online Delivery

Join the TIPS Community

The Teaching Innovation and Practice in Student Education (TIPS) Community is a network for teaching and support staff with the aim of collecting and sharing examples of effective practice from across the University. 

The TIPS Community provides a forum for teaching staff at Leeds to share tips and tricks and to provide mutual support, by colleagues, for colleagues.

Find out more about the TIPS community


Digital Essentials For Staff Training (LinkedIn Learning)

Our Digital Essentials For Staff collection on LinkedIn Learning launched in early February 2021 to support staff to develop their digital skills as part of their personal and career development.

The courses cover a range of subjects, including digital essentials for new staff, digital wellbeing, online meetings, Microsoft Teams, OneDrive, Microsoft Office Suite, Office 365 and accessibility.

The courses will be particularly useful for new staff and any member of staff who wishes to improve their digital skills in line with the University’s Digital Literacy Framework, and can be used effectively as part of the Staff Review and Development Scheme (SRDS). Once you’ve completed a course, or collection, you can share your personal and professional development with colleagues and managers via links, certificates, or LinkedIn Profiles.

Find out more about Digital Essentials

LinkedIn Learning - Free access for staff

In addition to the Digital Essentials For Staff collection, colleagues have free access to over 16,000 courses on LinkedIn Learning via their University of Leeds account. The online learning platform supports staff to develop their skills and personal and career development.

Watch video-based, professional courses in a wide range of areas and subjects including digital, technology, business and professional, and creative subjects. Courses are led by experts and are broken down into bite-sized video modules.


LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn Learning provides flexible access to a wealth of resources you can use either for your own development or to provide online learning resources. It’s a great place to build your IT skills (the Excel courses are particularly popular.) 

There is an Inclusive Teaching collection (LinkedIn Learning) which includes courses on learning to teach online and making learning accessible. If you haven’t already registered, visit the LinkedIn Learning guide (IT Knowledgebase) to get started. 

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